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B&B Marocco
  • B&B Marocco

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      Our Hotels Group B & B is the third largest chain of budget hotels in France. In total, it has more than 257 units and 22,000 rooms in Europe, distributed between France, Germany, Italy and Poland.

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    • B&B in Morocco

      Morocco is a first choice touristic destination. Located in the imperial cities of the country, B&B Morocco has opened in Rabat and will soon open a new unit in Marrakech to offer to its customers the opportunity to have both a comfortable and affordable stay in the historical city.

    • Welcoming is a tradition

      B&B Hotels Morocco open doors to you and offer you a comfortable stay in a warm and welcoming country. As soon as you enter one of our hotels, you feel a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Each B&B Hotel in Morocco has its own and unique design, most usually contemporary. Staying in our hotels in Morocco is enjoying a delicious breakfast with traditional local specialties, to benefit from free access to Wi-Fi, air conditioning in all the rooms along with many other little touches to make your stay perfect.